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Monday, December 10, 2012
December Happenings
As is usually the case in December, our days are filled with activities and fun! The house is decorated, and the presents are purchased.  After a little wrapping and some baking, we will be ready for Christmas!

Not all our December events are related to the holidays.  We've had other things going on as well.  A few weeks ago, Andrew participated in a local math competition.  Students were selected to participate from area schools based on their math performance in class and on standardized tests.  Last year, Andrew placed sixth, so he was putting pressure on himself to place again.  Awards are given to the top twenty students who place, and as they counted down, I was just sure he was not going to place (and dreading the car ride home with a disappointed boy).  I should have had more faith!  For the second year in a row, he took sixth place.  His mathematical mind would tell you, however, that his performance this year was better because he was 6th out of 170 last year, and he was 6th out of 230 this year. :)  Either way, I am proud of him for working so hard and attempting some very difficult problems.  I am glad it was him and not me!

Basketball season started the first weekend of December, and both kids are having a great time.  Andrew has won his first two games, while Emily lost her two.  On the day of her first game, she was so excited about scoring two baskets that she didn't even know they lost. The two males in my house did not understand how you could leave your game not knowing the score. I'm just glad she had a good time!

We recently got an email from Emily's teacher that was sent to all parents letting us know that we needed to encourage the kids to focus until the Christmas break.  I am not surprised they are having trouble.  A few weeks ago, the kids got to decorate their desks for the holidays.  I don't think I would be able to concentrate if this was on my desk either. How can you work with a constant reminder that CHRISTMAS IS COMING!?!?

Of course, I am thankful the kids get to do things like this.  It seems so many of the fun, memorable and enriching aspects of school are being removed because of test pressure.  We are blessed to be in a school that still allows some excitement every now and then!

The kids aren't the only ones having a good time.  I've gotten to see one of my dearest friends twice lately.  Because she lives in Alabama, we don't visit as often as we would like, but circumstances allowed us to catch up on two separate occasions in recent weeks, and I am very thankful for that.  If she ever decides to quit being my friend, I will have to kill her.  She knows too much about me!

Our days are busy, but filled with joy, and we've got some exciting events coming soon!  Some of them are big surprises for the kids.  Can't wait to fill you in here!

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