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Sunday, December 30, 2007
Christmas Wrap-Up
I guess Christmas has come and gone! We spent the 26th celebrating with hubby's family. My nieces and nephew got a Wii, so the kids (and adults) had lots of fun playing with it. Unfortunately, my bag fell off the kitchen counter, and my camera broke. I have no pictures! Thankfully, my SIL plans to share hers via Snapfish. It would bug me forever to have no pics from Christmas 2007 with Grandma and Papa Don! Also, thanks to Grandma and Papa Don for giving me a nice envelope with money inside for Christmas. I will now be using it to buy a new camera. :) In the meantime, I am thankful I still have my old camera to use.

Grammy and Papa (my parents) left Saturday morning to return to California. We spent the day being lazy around here. We did, however, try out my new present.

Although I made a HUGE mess, we enjoyed the waffles. The kids had fun eating them, and we hope to make Mickey a regular weekend feature. Next time, however, I will be using a mix rather than starting from scratch (I tried to be Martha, but next time I will take the easy route). Thanks to Grammy and Papa for the waffle maker!

One more thing...I just have to show this. I thought this was so cute that I bought it to set by our front door. I don't know why, but it makes me happy. My hubby thinks I am crazy. :)

I rarely buy things simply because I like them, so this was a Christmas gift to myself!

Our Christmas 2007 was wonderful! We enjoyed spending time with our family; the kids had a ball playing with their grandparents and cousins. Now it's time to get ready for 2008. I can't believe how fast time flies!

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Friday, December 28, 2007
Small Talk on Christmas Morning
Those of you who know my Favorite Boy will not be surprised by his excited comment on Christmas morning.

"I just love Santa for leaving a math workbook in my stocking!"

And yes, for those of you who don't know him, he was being serious. Watching him happily look through the workbook made my former-teacher heart all warm and fuzzy!

Have a great weekend!

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Christmas Morning
Our Christmas morning was exciting! My Favorite Boy was thrilled to find an Xbox under the tree. I have a feeling he is going to enjoy many hours of fun with it. He has been beating his dad in Madden football games for the last couple of days.

My Best Girl found lots of princess stuff under the tree. Here she is enjoying her princess vanity.
And look! A Belle dress! Perhaps now she won't be Snow White every day. The Belle dress is a little long, so I am sure her Snow White dress won't be discarded completely.

We had a wonderful Christmas morning. We have been on the run ever since, so we plan to stay in and enjoy our new toys today!

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    Thursday, December 27, 2007
    The Hole in Santa's Sack
    My Favorite Boy asked for three Christmas presents: an Xbox, Madden NFL, and a Backyard Soccer computer game. On Christmas Eve, as Santa was wrapping the presents and setting them under the tree, he realized that he couldn't find the Backyard Soccer game. It had been purchased, but it was missing!

    After searching and searching, Santa gave up trying to find the game, and he left my Favorite Boy a note.

    In case you can't read it, the note explained that Santa lost the game. Santa felt that there must have been a hole in his sack.

    On Christmas morning, my Favorite Boy found the note.

    About the same time, my hubby happened to think of one more place to look for the game. BINGO! So, as my hubby went out to get the paper, he happened to notice that something was in the grass where he had sprinkled the reindeer food on Christmas Eve. He called for my Favorite Boy and showed him the game. My Favorite Boy exclaimed, "I guess when Rudolph was eating, the game fell right out of Santa's sack! We should send him a letter and tell him not to send me another one!"

    I know Santa must have been so frustrated as he looked for that game, but I know he will be thrilled to know that it all worked out in the end. :)

    Be sure to check back later for pictures from our Christmas morning!

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    Monday, December 24, 2007
    Christmas Eve Day
    Today we plan to celebrate Christmas with my hubby's family, but I wanted to start sharing pictures from some of our festivities. We spent Christmas Eve with my parents who are visiting from California. My Favorite Boy took the time to pose with Grammy and Papa, but Snow White wasn't as willing.

    Grammy and Papa gave Snow White this fun trampoline. She is going to have lots of fun with it!

    For some reason, my Favorite Boy is a Gator fan (we are UT fans). Grammy and Papa gave him this Florida uniform. He wore it on Christmas Eve and all day on Christmas. He was also excited to open two new Leapster games from Uncle R. and Aunt R. They live in New Mexico, and we didn't get to see them this year. :(

    Are you looking for a photographer? My hubby and I gave both of the kids a Fisher-Price digital camera. I highly recommend this photographer for your next photo shoot. Not only can she take lots of great very close-up pictures, she can stylishly pair a Christmas sweater with a Snow White costume. How many photographers do that?

    Before going to bed, we left cookies out for Santa. My Best Girl and her daddy also spread reindeer food in the yard. This reindeer food played an important role in our Christmas morning festivities; stay tuned for that story!

    I hope your Christmas Eve was as enjoyable as ours! I'll be back soon to share more of our Christmas fun. Happy Day After Christmas!

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    Friday, December 21, 2007
    Small Talk in the Car
    As we were driving yesterday, my Best Girl was looking for problems and complaining about everything. Finally, she yelled, "Moooom! My brother is breathing! Make him stop!"

    Obviously, she is filled with the loving and peaceful spirit that is synonymous with the Christmas season. :)

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    Monday, December 10, 2007
    Fun with Kris Kringle at Krispy Kreme
    (Post from deleted blog.  Pictures not included.)

    On Saturday morning, the kids and I took a trip to Krispy Kreme for a visit with Santa. We had so much fun! (Dad went grocery shopping instead. For some reason, the grocery store was more appealing than a very small restaurant filled with kids on a sugar high.) As we arrived, we watched the donuts travel down the line. After observing the donut-making process, we visited with Santa. The kids had already expressed their wishes to him, so we just posed for a picture. Amazingly, my daughter climbed right into his lap! Next, we headed over to decorate our own donuts. The kids got to dip glazed donuts into chocolate and then into sprinkles. For them, this was the highlight of the trip! One day, I will learn my lesson. Always take baby wipes to Krispy Kreme. My Favorite Boy found one more donut that he couldn't live without. He thinks these football donuts are the greatest. As for me, I like these little guys. Not only do you get a donut, you also get a donut hole attached to the top. What a great bonus! My Favorite Boy was dismayed when I bit the head off first, but I explained that you should put the poor things out of their misery before eating the rest of their yummy little bodies. :) And, no. I didn't stop at just one donut. I also had a plain, glazed donut. But, in my defense, they were hot. How could I resist?

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