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Sunday, September 16, 2012
Fun for Emily
Despite the broken wrist, Emily has managed to fit in quite a bit of fun this week!  Although we were supposed to go to the orthopedist on Monday, we postponed the visit for one day so she wouldn't miss her first-ever Brownie meeting (she had already missed her first-ever soccer game, so I was trying to limit the disappointments).  Emily is excited to join a great group of girls at her school.  She was hoping they would start fires and camp out at their first meeting, but I think her expectations were a little high.  Despite the slight disappointment, she had a great time.

On Tuesday, we did visit the doctor who removed the temporary cast and fitted her with a smaller hard cast.  She will wear this cast for one week, and then it will be removed and replaced so they can x-ray again.  If she is healing, she can play soccer (with her cast wrapped in bubble wrap to protect other players).  She did have to sit out a second game on Tuesday night, but she went and cheered on her teammates. She's been wanting to play soccer for a while, so I know she is ready to participate in the action!

On Wednesday, Emily was able to get autographs on her cast (she had to wait 24 hours for it to dry completely).  As we all know, one of the main benefits to a broken bone is having other people wait in line for their turn to use the Sharpie on your cast.  Not only did she get to enjoy the attention last week, but she will get to do it all over again when she gets a new cast this Tuesday!  I know she will be glad to have the cast off for good, but it's nice to have some positives in a negative situation!

Finally, Emily spent Saturday morning with her Brownie troop selling baked goods to raise money for a local charity. It's been a wonderful week for her, and I know she is thankful to have some enjoyable experiences after a week of sickness and injury!

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Sunday, September 9, 2012
Emily missed school last Tuesday-Thursday with a croupy virus (Monday was Labor Day, so she missed most of the week).  She finally made it back on Friday, and I was looking forward to returning to some sense of normalcy.  That wasn't meant to be!  On Friday afternoon, Emily fell off a "kiddie" chair in the bonus room and caught herself with her hands.  She was hurt, and her wrist was swollen.  She wasn't overly upset, but I knew it was serious business when I mentioned that I would need to call her friend's mom and have her friend go home.  Emily didn't argue and say, "No, I am fine!", so I knew she was really hurting.  I decided to take her to a nearby urgent care facility to get it checked out.  I didn't really think it was broken, but I thought it would be better to be safe than sorry.  It was a good thing we went!

We were escorted into an exam room immediately upon arrival at the urgent care clinic.  This was our first visit to this clinic, and I will definitely return when we need it.  Instead of a table with paper to sit on, we waited for the doctor in two leather lounge chairs.  They also had a flat screen television on the wall, so Emily watched the Disney Channel while we waited.  This was especially wonderful because she was scared.  Having a comfortable environment lessened her fears, and by the time the doctor came in, she was fine. 

Guess what the x-rays showed? Yes, I am sure you have guessed that she has a broken wrist!  The nurse wrapped it in a very large temporary cast, and we were given pics to take to the orthopedist on Monday.  I will call them first thing Monday morning; I would like to get her in as quickly as possible because I think her real cast will be smaller, and because I will be glad to know how long we should expect the healing process to take.  Emily was supposed to play in her first-ever soccer game on Saturday, and we are hoping the doctor will allow her to play so she won't miss more games (our soccer league allows kids to play if their hard casts are bubble-wrapped). We can't wait to get all the details!

Of course, not all aspects of broken wrists are bad!  Adam and Andrew treated her with a cupcake when she returned from the doctor on Friday night.  Also, Emily just came in and said, "Mom!  Guess what!  When you have a broken wrist, people will do things for you, even if you don't really need them to!"  Yep, it took less than 48 hours for her to figure out how to use this situation to her advantage!


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Atlanta, Part Two
After we celebrated my niece's birthday, Adam, Andrew, Papa Don and I headed to the Braves' game. Although the Braves lost, we had a great time.

Three Generations of Sullivans

One of the best parts of the game was seeing Chipper Jones play.  This is his final season, and he has been such an important part of the Braves' team for the last 20 years (I only had my phone, so I couldn't zoom in for a good shot).

Andrew and I had lots of fun doing the Tomahawk Chop and participating in all the stadium fun.  We were definitely the more energetic and lively half of our group. :)

After the game, we strolled through the memorial park.  Andrew enjoyed posing with lots of the statues and monuments.

Andrew and Hank

Can You Name That Player?

On Sunday, we enjoyed a day of worship and family time.  I was able to get pictures of the kids and their grandparents.

I also got a mom/son combo.

After dinner at Jason's Deli, the kids went upstairs and went a little crazy with their music.  They had such a good time together, and we could clearly hear their lyrics all the way down stairs.

Before we headed home on Monday, I took Emily and her doll Sarah to the American Girl store.  Sarah got her hair done and her ears pierced, and Emily and I enjoyed a wonderful lunch in the bistro.  It was a very fun mommy/daughter outing.

After lunch, we loaded up the van and headed back to Tennessee.  On the way home, Emily started feeling sick, and she ended up missing school Tuesday-Thursday.  We were glad to fit in all the fun before she started feeling badly!  Emily also ended the week with some excitement.  More to come on that in the next post!

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Saturday, September 8, 2012
Atlanta, Part One
We took at trip to Atlanta over Labor Day weekend to visit Adam's sister and her family. We pulled the kids out of school early, Grandma and Papa Don came to our house, and then we loaded up the van and all headed south. We arrived in Atlanta around 7:30 Eastern time, and Aunt Adrienne had dinner ready for us. All the cousins were happy to see each other and equally happy to dig into dinner.

Emily and Her Cousin Anna

The Cousin Crew

On Saturday morning, we celebrated Katie's birthday.  Katie loves everything about older people (she even has her own cane), so she decided to have an "Old Lady" birthday party.  The first activity of the party was lunch: grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, chips, beans, etc...  I don't think that was "Old Lady" specific, but it was good!

The Birthday Girl with Gray Hair

Katie asked everyone to dress up for a fashion show, and she served as the judge. Her negligent Aunt Lauren completely forgot about this request until the last minute, so I only had time to throw something together for Emily. 

Grandma went all out.  She didn't place in the judging, but I think she was robbed.

The winner of the competition was Uncle David.  This is a future glimpse of Uncle David and Aunt Adrienne in 40 years. :)

After the fashion show, the kids enjoyed wheelchair races.  Uncle David found a wheelchair at Goodwill for Katie's birthday present, and she was thrilled.  He marked off a course, and the kids formed teams.  This was fun for all!
Andrew was ready to race.

The Winning Team

The first half of our weekend was filled with fun and laughter!  Stay tuned for more Atlanta activities!

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012
Family Hike
On Saturday, August 11th, the day after school started, we had beautiful weather. The temperatures were in the low 80's, and it was wonderfully sunny. I decided it would be fun to take a family hike.  Despite the fact that I was probably the only person who really wanted to go (which was a fact that would be pointed out later in the day), we headed to Edwin Warner Park in Nashville for some outdoor fun.

We decided on a 2 1/2 mile loop that went up some hills in the woods, and we started out with all smiles.

It wasn't long until we found some interactive nature.  This frog didn't seem to like the interaction, but Emily sure did!

A little over half way into the hike, we reached a very steep portion of trail.  Emily was not a fan of this.  Despite the fact that she had recently hiked the Grand Canyon, it was a slow and torturous climb.  At some point, she may have even said something like "Why did we come on this hike? You were the only one who wanted to come!"  When she reached the summit, however, her attitude changed quickly, and she apologized and conceded that the family time was fun, and she enjoyed the time talking with me on the way down the hill (always more fun going down than up, right?).

We took along another little hiker who had no trouble at all with the hills.  Her energy seemed boundless...

But on the way home, the effects of the hike were obvious.

We had a wonderful Saturday, and it was a great way to fit in one more fun event before the busyness of the school year kicked in for good!

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