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Sunday, June 22, 2008
It Must Have Been the Queens
About a month ago, my aunt and uncle visited our house. As usual, my Best Girl made a grand entrance in a princess dress, and my uncle attempted to compliment her. Unfortunately, his words made her run from the room sobbing. She wouldn't go near him for the rest of the day.

These are the words that prompted many, many tears...

"Wow! Here comes the queen!"

After much digging, we discovered that my Best Girl thinks all queens are wicked. She thought my uncle was saying something very ugly about her. We tried to explain that not all queens are evil, but she wouldn't buy it. When you think about it, queens are often portrayed as villains, so I understand her reasoning. This was not, however, the meaning my uncle intended.

Last week, I was reading to my Best Girl and Favorite Boy from a daily Bible about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. I explained that the people in the two cities were very wicked. My Best Girl nodded and said, "They must have had a lot of queens living there."

I guess we still have some explaining to do.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008
My Best Girl's Prayer
This was my Best Girl's prayer on Wednesday evening at dinner:

God, please let us have a new baby real soon, and please let us go to Disney World. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Oh, yeah. I forgot. Thank you so much for this food. Amen.

My feelings on the matter:

Please let the answer to the first portion of the prayer be no, but I wouldn't mind going to Disney World. :)

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008
Our Vacation, Part 3
If you would like to read about our first day of vacation in the Smokies, click here and here.

We spent Tuesday and Wednesday of our trip at Dollywood. We had a great, but very wet time. MANY of the rides at Dollywood include some type of water feature, so we were soaked for most of these two days. Of course, the kids loved this!

The newest ride at Dollywood is called River Battle, and it was fun for the whole family. You ride in a boat equipped with water guns. The goal is to shoot targets as well as other riders. (I don't know why, but my Best Girl made this face in many of the pictures on this trip.)

There are also people outside of the attraction shooting at those on the ride. Here is my Favorite Boy trying to soak some people.

My Best Girl enjoyed the fountains in the Dreamland Forest section. There was also a play area where you could shoot each other with balls. My Favorite Boy (and all the other boys) thought this was great.

The Country Fair section of the park was one of the only places with no wet rides. The Shooting Star was a favorite for the kids, but it made me a little sick. (You feel like your stomach is dropping.)

Another favorite for both of the kids was the Rockin' Roadway. My Best Girl was very proud of her driving abilities.

We enjoyed our two days at Dollywood, especially the fact that there really weren't very many lines. My Favorite Boy was also very proud that he met the tallest height requirement. They give arm bands to show your height, and he acted like he had won a competition when he got the band for the thrill rides. The funny thing was that he wouldn't ride most of them because he didn't want to go upside down. Of course, that was fine because it gave us more time for the rides we could all enjoy.

Thanks to your suggestions, we ate at the Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant on Tuesday evening. We had so much food that we ate the leftovers on Wednesday night and went to Baskin Robbins for dessert.

Our trip was great! Amazingly, after living in close quarters for four nights, we still had some affection for one another on Thursday morning.

Thanks to all of you who gave suggestions for this trip. We couldn't do everything, but I appreciated your tips. They helped make our vacation a good one!

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Saturday, June 7, 2008
My Favorite Boy had his first piano lesson on Wednesday. To say that he doesn't like to try new things would be quite an understatement. He was not happy to start lessons at all.

However, after the lesson, he changed his tune. He loved it! As soon as the lesson ended, he ran next door to get his buddy so he could perform the three pieces he learned. Since then, he has played for Grammy, Papa, more neighbors, the piano tuner, etc...

He is really excited to have another lesson next week. I am ready for it too. He has played his three pieces so many times that I am looking forward to some new ones! :)


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Friday, June 6, 2008
Our Vacation, Part Two
(This is part two of our vacation. I am picking up on Monday afternoon. I had to cut Monday in half because Blogger wouldn't let me load more pics.)

During the afternoon on Monday, my Favorite Boy played in the pool while my Best Girl took a nap. Then, we ate pizza for dinner and headed to the Ripley's Old MacDonald's Farm golf course.

We had never taken the kids to play putt-putt, so this was a new experience. As we started, my Favorite Boy pulled his club back to hit like Tiger Woods. We had to quickly stop him and explain that we were only putting.

My Best Girl's technique was not as easily corrected.

My Favorite Boy figured it out and had a wonderful time playing the game. My Best Girl enjoyed all the talking animals more than the golf.

Hooray for Dad! He got two holes in one and also managed to win a couple of free games. He and my Favorite Boy played another round while my Best Girl and I checked out some of the outlet stores.

This was our fun first day! More to come!

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Thursday, June 5, 2008
Our Vacation, Part One
I promised pictures from our vacation a week ago, so I thought I should get busy posting. We left our house on Sunday afternoon, May 25th. After about 5 minutes in the car, the kids started asking, "How much longer is it going to be before we get there?" Even with a portable DVD player in the car, they asked this question repeatedly for four hours. As we neared the end of the trip, my husband and I realized how glad we were that we flew to Orlando last fall. We would have been insane after 10 hours of "Are we ever going to get there?"

After arriving at our hotel in Pigeon Forge, we picked up some dinner and let the kids enjoy the pool at the hotel. Even though the sun was sinking and it was a little chilly, the kids had a great time. Kids can be tough when they are having fun!

On Monday morning, we headed through Gatlinburg to the Laurel Falls trail head.

We hiked the paved trail that leads to the falls.

During the walk, the kids made a friend from Alabama named Cole. They played with him the entire time. I am always impressed with how quickly kids can become friends. My Best Girl asked about Cole the rest of the week.

As soon as we walked the 1.3 miles and arrived at the falls, guess what my Best Girl said! "I need to go to the bathroom!" Amazingly, she waited during the 1.3 mile trip back to the car and the short drive to the visitor center. I was very proud of her! Of course, if she had been a boy, she could have wandered into the woods with Dad. :)

When we left the visitor's center, it was time for lunch. My Favorite Boy really wanted pancakes, so we tried to go to the Pancake Pantry in Gatlinburg. Because it was 12:15, there wasn't a line, but we couldn't find a parking place! So, we went back to Pigeon Forge and ate at the Log Cabin Pancake House. I enjoyed my pigs in a blanket (sausage links wrapped in pancakes), and the kids split a plate of silver dollar pancakes. Dad got the regular buttermilk version.

Blogger won't let me load more pics, so come back later for the rest of Day One!

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