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Thursday, September 27, 2007
Our Wonderful Week, Part Two
Welcome to Part Two of our Disney trip. If you missed Part One, click here. On Day Two, which was Tuesday, we headed back to Magic Kingdom bright and early. Because both our kids enjoy the rides in Fantasyland (Peter Pan, Dumbo, Pooh, etc...), we usually head there first. We enjoyed these rides and also the Tommorowland Indy Speedway on our second morning. After riding with my Favorite Boy in the Speedway car, I am very glad we have 11 more years before he will be allowed to drive! :)

At 10:20, we headed to Cinderella's castle for a magical meal with Cinderella and her friends. My little princess wore her Snow White dress so she could feel like a part of the gang.

We saw Cinderella,



the Fairy Godmother (who my son keeps calling the Dairy Godmother),

and Snow White.

For the record, my Favorite Boy, the one who had declared he would not hug any princesses, thought Snow White was "very beautiful." Snow White also scored points with my daughter when she planted a kiss on my Best Girl's cheek. You can imagine how pleased she was with this!

After eating, we enjoyed the Magic Kingdom for a couple more hours, and then my Best Girl and my hubby headed back to the hotel for a nap. My Favorite Boy and I headed to MGM to ride Star Tours and to see the Stars and Motor Cars Parade. The parade was so cute! My Favorite Boy waved to all the characters, and he is sure that Sully (from Monsters, Inc.) and Buzz Lightyear waved specifically to him. Buzz even gave him a thumbs up. :)

After a few shows at MGM and a visit with Lightning McQueen, my Favorite Boy and I headed back to the hotel to met Dad and my Best Girl for dinner. We hung out at the hotel for the rest of the evening.

As you can see, Day Two was a very special day. Thanks for sharing it with me!

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Monday, September 24, 2007
Our Wonderful Week, Part One
We had such a wonderful time on our Disney trip last week. I want to take the time to write about each day so I will be able to preserve our memories. I am going to spread these posts out over the next couple of weeks so I won't bombard you with "The Baseballs and Bows Family Does Disney." I understand that all of this may only be interesting to us and grandparents, but all of you are invited to join me for my vacation recap.

We left our hometown and headed for the Nashville airport after church on Sunday. We landed in Orlando at 5:30. By the time we arrived at our resort, the kids were already tired. We had only a few minutes to walk around before heading to bed.

The All-Star Sports Resort was a dream for my Favorite Boy. We stayed in the "Touchdown" section of the hotel, which looked like this...

My Favorite Boy and my husband enjoyed throwing passes, running plays, and and practicing field goal attempts on the field outside our room. The pool was shaped like a baseball diamond; Goofy stood at the pitcher's mound and shot water out of a canon.

We woke up bright and early on Monday morning to head to the Magic Kingdom.

Because my daughter rises with the roosters, it was easy for us to be at the parks when they opened, even with the change from central to eastern time. Regretfully, I have no pictures from our first day because I left my camera at the hotel! At first, I was very disappointed, but I was able to enjoy myself without having to think about taking pictures all day (although I could have kicked myself when Alice and the Mad Hatter rode in the teacups next to us).

Although it was hot, the lines were great; we were able to enjoy many of the rides at Magic Kingdom by dinner time. We even rode Splash Mountain three times. My Favorite Boy, my husband, and I all agree that it is one of our favorite rides at Magic Kingdom. My Best Girl was too short too ride Splash Mountain; her favorites at Magic Kingdom were Goofy's Barnstormer (we rode this more than ten times during the week), the Mad Tea Party, and It's a Small World. One of the highlights of Monday for my Best Girl was when an employee at the Pinocchio Village Haus (where we ate lunch) gave her a Tinkerbell pin. She wore it the entire week, and pointed it out to anyone who would listen, including all of the characters.

For dinner, we boarded the monorail and headed to the Contemporary Resort for a character meal at Chef Mickey's. While we dined, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald stopped by our table. Of course, I really wanted my camera at this point, but we were able to get pics with all of these characters later in the week. After dinner we went back to the hotel. Because we were at the parks each day when they opened, we returned to the hotel in the early evening on most days.

Thanks for reading about Day One. I hope you will join me for Day Two soon. I will have many more pictures for that post. I didn't make the camera mistake twice. :) Have a great Monday!

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Monday, September 10, 2007
Small Talk about Sleepovers
(Recovered post from my deleted blog)

My Favorite Boy and I had this conversation on Wednesday:

FB: Mom, can I have a sleepover?

Me: Maybe sometime.

FB: No, I don't want a sleepover. Remember when Nate came and we had a sleepover? We still had to go to bed at 8:00. I want to have a slumber party. At a slumber party you can stay up really late.

Me: How late do you think people stay up at a slumber party?

FB: Really late. Like 9:00.

Hmmm..... We could probably handle that. :)

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Monday, September 3, 2007
Small Talk about Birthing
(Post from my deleted blog)

As I was driving my Favorite Boy to school last week, we had the following conversation:

Favorite Boy: Mom, when is [my sister's] birthday?

Me: October 26.

Favorite Boy: You should have waited until November 4th because that's when my friend Abby's birthday is.

Me: Actually, that was [your sister's] due date, but she decided to come earlier.

Favorite Boy: Yeah, I guess if you hadn't dropped your water bottle, she might not have come early.

Me: What are you talking about????

Favorite Boy: You know, when you were going into the garage, you broke you water bottle.

Me: (Realizing that he is talking about my water breaking) Oh, yes!

My Favorite Boy: She was probably scared when your water bottle broke, and she came out early!

Obviously, my Favorite Boy has picked up bits and pieces of my Best Girl's birth story. Thankfully, he doesn't have all the details quite right. Just in case, all you pregnant ladies out there might not want to drop any water bottles. If they break, the noise might scare your baby right out! :)

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