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Tuesday, December 27, 2011
December, Part Three
Santa visited us a day early, so we woke up on the official Christmas Day and readied for worship. On Sunday afternoon, we headed to Lewisburg. First, we went to evening worship services with Grandma and Papa Don, and then we headed to their house for dinner and presents. My husband's sister and her family were there as well, and we enjoyed the few hours that we had to spend together. (We decided we need to have longer periods of time for the kids to hang out, so we are hoping to visit them in Atlanta some time soon.) Grandma is so nice that she let the kids open presents before eating. She figured that would keep them from asking "When can we open presents?" Of course, then they just said, "When can we eat? We're starving!"

Another Video Game!  Hooray!
A New Coat!
An Auburn Shirt from Toomer's Corner!

Another Auburn Shirt from Toomer's Corner!

My Sweet Girl (Who Was Very Tired)

The Annual Cousins on the Couch Picture

Aunt Adrienne and Uncle David

On the morning of the 26th, Oreo got a present. The owners of her best friend, Trigger, were leaving to go out of town. The lady who boards our dogs opened late that morning, so Trigger got to come over for a playdate. The dogs had SO much fun. They played nonstop for 2 hours.

We spent most of the day playing games and enjoying time at home together. Dad takes off two weeks at Christmas. Because he travels so much during the year, these two weeks are our favorite time (if only it could be 80 degrees--that would be perfection!).

We got to spend more time with my husband's extended family on Monday evening. There are close to forty family members, so this get-together is never boring! The kids had a great time playing Apples to Apples, air hockey, video games, and other fun things. The grown-ups enjoyed catching up.

Mother and Son

Wow!  I got a picture of the two of us together!

Brother and Sisters

Three Generations

Granny Harris loves her new robe from Chris and LeAnn!

My Flower Girls All Grown Up
My Best Girl and Grandma

My Best Girl and Papa Don

My Favorite Boy and Papa Don

Grandma and My Favorite Boy
We have one more Christmas celebration remaining.  We'll spend New Year's weekend at my parents' with my brother and his family.  We are looking to more family fun!

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What's On Your Nightstand?
I'm taking a break from my December posts to show you what's currently on my nightstand.

Right now, I am reading Tricia Goyer and Mike Yorkey's new book, Chasing Mona Lisa. It's fast-paced Christian fiction set at the end of the German occupation of Paris during World War II. With all the Christmas festivities, I'm having to read this in bits and pieces, but I am enjoying it and look forward to finishing it in the next few days.

Up next is All the Flowers in Shanghai, which is set in China in the 1930's. I have read a few books about China in the last year, and the historical context of this novel fascinates me.

Beyond Molasses Creek is the third book in my pile. It is the contemporary story of a flight attendant who returns home to bury her father and face her past. I'm looking forward to it as well.

I will review all of these books at 5 Minutes for Books in the near future. Be sure to click over there today to see what others are reading!


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Monday, December 26, 2011
December, Part Two
We are blessed to have next-door neighbors that are like family.  We got together with them on the 22nd to exchange gifts.  They gave my Best Girl the Disney version of Apples To Apples , and this has become one of our favorite gifts of the season.  We've played it many, many times over the last week.  I highly recommend it!

These two boys are best buds!
My Best Girl looks up to these sweet sisters!

On December 23rd, we headed to my aunt's house for a Christmas feast.  My Favorite Boy enjoys playing video games with my cousin's son, and my Best Girl chills with his daughter.

My aunt served a delicious meal that everyone devoured except me.  I am determined to make it through this season without breaking my sugar-free, grain-free, dairy-free diet!  After lunch, we visited and opened presents.  I am trying to take lots of pictures of people this year (rather than just my children and their presents).  I know these family pictures are the ones we will cherish the most!

My Best Girl and Her Daddy
My Cousin and His Sweet Daughter
Ready to Open Presents!
My Best Girl and Papa
My Aunt and Her Granddaughter
Hooray for Video Games!
My Best Girl and Grammy
Grammy and Papa Love Their Grandkids!
My Mom and Me

Because Santa visited us on the 24th, the 23rd was our Christmas Eve. We left my aunt's house and returned home to open family presents.

My Best Girl and Her Flying Turtle
Ruckus--I highly recommend this fun card game!

Grammy and Papa lived out-of-state for over 10 years. Even though they live close now, they come on Christmas Eve to spend the night. We all made it to bed, and my Best Girl was the first to wake up at 5. Dad got in bed with her to encourage her to go back to sleep. By 6:30, both kids were awake, so the Christmas fun began!

Ready to Check Out the Stockings
Hooray--a Kinect and Games!
My Favorite Boy, His Oregon Pillow Pet, and His Papa
(Who knows why he wanted and Oregon Pillow Pet!?!?)
My Favorite Boy and His Grammy

Oreo also enjoyed Christmas. She liked her toys, but she mostly liked running off with the wrapping paper!

We spent the rest of the day in our pajamas playing games. It was a wonderful day!

Dad is talented!  He can play Hedbanz and watch Cars 2 in 3D at the same time!

More Christmas festivities to come!

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Saturday, December 24, 2011
December, Part One
Merry Christmas to everyone from the Baseballs and Bows household. We are having a magical Christmas season. We've had 2 out of 5 of our Christmas events at this point, so we have enjoyed some wonderful days and have more to come. I'm behind in my posting, so I thought I would start with some activities from earlier in the month and then make my way through our Christmas festivities.

Last weekend, my Best Girl and I drove to Dickson, Tennessee to the Renaissance Theater. My Best Girl participated in a morning of Christmas craft activities, and then we enjoyed the musical A Year with Frog and Toad. One of my friends from college was in the show, and it was delightful. My Best Girl got to meet the cast after the show, as well Santa himself. It was a fun mother-daughter outing!

On Sunday afternoon, several of my friends from college came over for an ornament exchange. I have not been good about attending this annual event, so I volunteered to host. I figured if it was at my house, I would be sure to attend! It was great to see everyone, and to catch up with each other. Friends are such a blessing, and I am thankful that God has given me amazing friends in all times of my life!

After evening services on Sunday, we took the kids caroling at the homes of some of our older members.  Unfortunately, my Favorite Boy had a fever at this point, so he didn't get to participate (he ended up having pneumonia, so he was down for the count most of last week).

We warmed up at Lenny's with hot dogs, subs and cookies.  It was a fun evening to spend with our Christian family.

We are so blessed!  More December events to come...

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